1872 Stone farmhouse
1870’s stone3 farmhouse

Our Farmhouse

The house was originally built in 1872. The classic Ontario farmhouse design features double stone walls 2 feet thick. The custom carved corner stones that surround the formal front door are the stonemason’s signature. The original stone stable is still attached to the house, with its still operational sliding barn door.  We incorporated this into the addition and the farm stable is now our main family room. The 100-acre parcel was first deeded to Donald Campbell, a stonemason from Islay, Argyleshire, Scotland in 1842.  It is believed that Donald is the architect and builder of the house which would have taken several years to build. Evidence of a former house foundation was found at a different site and would have been the first house built near our small stone barn. The Campbells owned the land for three generations until 1945. 



The Renovation Adventure

Since we took ownership in December 2016, my husband Tom and I decided to renovate the stone house to make it more current but still honour the history and
bones of the house. The first step was updating the bathrooms and kitchen, but nothing is ever that simple when it comes to renovating; especially an old house! We then moved on to doing two additions. A new main floor master bedroom, and a new entrance/foyer, mudroom and 2 car garage.

More renovation adventures

Kitchen Before


Kitchen After


Family Room Before & After

former kitchen sitting room.JPG

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